Billing Representative utterly unhelpful

I was billed for my annual subscription in August and again on October 8th. I called and spoke a hard to understand customer service representative and he said he only shows one charge in August and I’m not due to billed again until August 2024. I tried explain that there is a charge on my credit card for $108.25. He tells that is not for my Ring account…then who’s it? I had to cancel my credit card and report the fraudulent charge.

Hi @Annoyed4Sure. It’s good that you contacted our support team regarding the charge, as they would be able to see any charges made for your Ring Protect plan. The only other thing I can think to check is to ensure you do not have two Ring accounts or two different Locations in the Ring app, as that could be why you’re seeing two charges. If that isn’t the case, any fraudulent or unknown charges should be taken up with your financial institution.

I Currently have the same issue. Confirmed Annual payment made in Aug and now Ring has deactivated my plan as of yesterday and requested another annual fee!!! Whats going on. This is also the first time I’ve looked for support from Ring. What a joke no Customer service at all !!! I was going to extended the number of products I have with Ring. But seeing the poor customer service i.e none!!! . I will be sourcing security solutions with an alternative provider.

Hi @user62044. I would urge you to follow up with our support team, as the Ring Community is a public forum and we are unable to view any account or billing information. Please follow up with our support team to review your account and Ring Protect plan details. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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