Billing Notifications

Why doesn’t Ring send a notification that your annual plan will be billed on such and such day?
I read in the faqs that if there is an issue with your credit card they will notify you but they don’t have the courtesy to give customers a notification of upcoming billing.
If they had I may have been able to avoid getting charged for someone elses subscription and reporting a fraudulent charge by Ring to my credit card on October 8, 2023 and cancelling the credit card. After they had already billed my credit card on August 15, 2023. I will not be subscribing next year until they resolve this issue. Customer service was absolutely of no help, he told me he only showed the August payment and had no explanation for why I was being charged again. And even more insulting he didn’t care to look into the situation. I’m wary of a business that double bills and customer service could care less.