Billing Issue and lack of customer support

Hi Ring, I am having billing issues. I renewed my camera subscription for 2 devices first in Nov 2022 and then the second device in Dec 2022. I can print the invoices off from my billing page which shows me the subscription is active until Nov 2023. However when I log on to my device it says I have no subscriptions and when I look at my registered devices it says they are not subscribed. My bredit card bill shows I have paid. I have tried calling both phone numbers for the Singapore office and they both say ‘number not valid’. If I try calling your UK or US office it is going to cost my almost 3 euros a minute. The chat option in US hours does not work, it is just an automated reply. I am hoping someone can tell me why my devices have been unlinked from my subscription or at worst give me a refund on these two subscriptions so I can put them through again. Kind regars, Sally

Hi @user33850. Since the Ring Community is a public forum, we aren’t able to review account or billing details. In this case, you would need to follow up with our support team for further assistance on this. You could try the worldwide support number, 310-929-7085, to see if your phone service provider will charge a toll for that number. You can also get in touch with our support team on Facebook @Ring by sending a private message.

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