Billing History Page Wont Load - over 12 months issue

My ‘BiIlling History’ page will never load on any browser, app, computer, or device. I’ve already called technical support, and they can’t fix it. No one in the customer support or technical team can help. This has been an issue for over a year now. We have multiple locations and many devices. We wish to continue to grow with Ring but worry that their billing page will be a roadblock for our accounting team. How can this get fixed?

Hi @OurStay_Vacations. Make sure the web browser you’re using is fully updated, and turn off any VPNs or exclude Ring traffic. If this issue persists, please follow up with our support team so they can look into this further. If you’d prefer not to call, you can also get in touch with our support team through private message on Facebook or Twitter @Ring.