Beyond frustrated, unprofessional support agents

Dear ring

This is now the 4-5 time my alarm has falsely trigger 5 or so minutes after arming and leaving.

I called today and the very unprofessional agents accent was difficult to understand. As well picked up more background noise then the agents voice.
And at this point I knew more then the agent I was speaking with. Since this was the 5th time with this issue.

As alway the agent really didn’t care what I had to say or that this issue has happened 5 times. And that I have no confidence in my alarm system.
To which I asked to submit a official complaint and told to come to this forum ?
I asked that my file be documented that I asked the agent to submitted a official complaint.
Put me on hold and again told to complaint on a forum

I expressed my concerns that a forum is not the place for a paying customer to voice his concerns about a on going problem.

Ring you need to do better, your agents are getting worse every time I have to call.

Hi @Camshaft700. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t have the best experience with our support team. When you called, did you request to speak with the Ring Alarm team specifically? If not, I would recommend doing so to ensure you are speaking with the correct team to assist. Here on the Community, we can only assist with more general troubleshooting assistance since we do not have access to device details. We do have some tips on preventing false alarms from Ring Motion Detectors here which may help.