Best Wifi Extender?

Ive just got the Ring video Doorbell 3. I made it sure it worked before putting by our front door - it also came with a chime, which works.
However, now the camera is in place outside, it doesnt work, stating it is offline! I suspect this is due to range, and signal being blocked by several walls and a floor. Is there a recommended wifi extender, or are there features i need to make sure one has in order to work?

I’ve used WiFi extenders and they work ok. What has worked better is setting up a WiFi Mesh system that has its own signal just for the backhaul (the devices communicating between themselves) which has improved my whole household’s connections immensely. WiFi extenders aren’t too expensive, Mesh systems can be.
I’m not sure about Ring’s stance on saying other product names in these forums, but I would stick with one of the major brand names either for a WiFi extender or a Mesh system depending on your affordability. Also, if you purchased from somewhere where you could take it back easily if it didn’t work out could be a plus. I got mine at one of the major warehouse club stores for that ease of returning, though I didn’t need to.

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Hi @Chrisg46. I’ve recently purchased the Ring Alarm Pro with a built in Eero and paired it with a few Eero Beacons. In my 3,900 sq/ft. house, I have no issues with connectivity. For me, the Eero system has really been a great addition to not only my Ring products, but all of my WiFi connected devices.