Best version of outdoor camera to get for least delay

Can anyone explain which version (wired, battery, solar) of the outdoor camera to buy to get the least delay in notifications?

Hey @nosemuff. Happy to help you out here too! Are you having a preference on a device, like the Stick Up Cam, it sounds like? Or would you be willing/possibly able to go to a device like the Spotlight Cam Wired? When it comes to ease of installation, power options and features offered, I think this is the best one to find the sweet spot with outdoor security. The Wired, Battery and Solar option of the Stick Up Cams are great, but they still will all run like a battery operated device, which may cause more of a delay in notification, even if it’s a second, and less customizable options for motion detection. In addition, they do not have any additional lights, so if you don’t have a lot of outdoor lighting, the picture quality at night could be not as great as you would hope.

The Spotlight Cam Wired gives you the lights on the side for extra brightness and clarity in night time images, while also giving you the customizable motion detection like our powered devices have. Lastly, since most of our powered devices are hardwired, the Spotlight Cam Wired is a great device to get those settings, but it’s connected by plugging it into an outlet. If you have an outlet it can go into, I recommend it! In all, when it comes to delays, the major cause of a delay will be your wifi signal strength, so it’s best to ensure you have the proper network requirements before buying. You can learn more about this here. Let me know if you have any restrictions or preferences that may contradict the Spotlight Cam Wired, and I’m happy to help out more, but it may be worth to check out our Buyer’s Guide here. :slight_smile:

Thank you again for the detailed answer! I will look to see if I can run the wire into my house to get the outlet needed.

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