Best Practice for Charging Spare Battery

Best Practice for Charging Spare Battery

I know that with lithium batteries your charging routine can impact battery life.

I have two batteries. When it’s time to replace the active one, I exchange it with the spare.

What’s the best practice with the spare when it comes to extending its life? I can think of three possible options:

  1. Leave it charging until it’s needed.
  2. Leave it discharged until shortly before needed and charge it then.
  3. Charge it right after removal from the doorbell. Then do a “touch up” charge right before use.


Hi @fssbob. I personally use method number 2 for my household. :smiley:

That sounds easiest. But I’ve just done some reading, and universally the “experts” say it’s best to store lithium batteries approximately 50% charged. Storing them at full or empty will shorten their life.

Hey there @fssbob. Thank you for sharing that information. However, it will be difficult to gauge when your battery level is at 50%, as there is no way to measure this unless you insert the battery into the device.

Well, most of the articles I found actually gave a pretty wide range around that. I think it mostly comes down to not being close to 100%, but also not being close to zero.