Bear ate my ring camera

We had our first bear visit of the year the other night and at 130am he ate one of my spotlight cameras. To the credit of Ring it still works but full of teeth holes on the bottom opague bottom part that lights up when updating. I have a picture of it and a video of the bear eating it. How can I get this fixed? Perhaps Ring wants to give me a new one and keep this to show all just how tough the cameras are??

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That’s insane! I think Ring will be very interested in this. The first I’ve ever heard of this. Great story. Hopefully they’ll replace it for you. I know I would for a good video. LoL

Oh my godness @cali201 hope you guys are okay! Do you normally see bears in your yard? Also, were you able to capture this video? If so, please share – the team would love to see!

Also, send us an email at so the team can see what we can do for you and your device. Thanks!

I do have a video the camera took while Mr. bear munched on it but it will not load here, will send to the email address below. Bears are a normal every day occurance from April thru November here. Here is a picture of 3 cute cubs that were a pain in the butt when I was redoing my backyard recently.


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maybe you can see it here via this youtube load. I did send it to the community email address.


Wow,Huge claws! That’s crazy!

What street do you live on? I just moved to Beulah in December.