Hi, My battery was showing low today so I charged it up. Left it charging for almost 8 hours and I have the full green light indicating that it’s fully charged but now when I put it back into the doorbell its still showing up as low on my app. All my notifications has now stopped and I can no longer go to live view. If the battery is out of the device should I still be seening the little yellow icon on the app? I did also notice that my app updated this evening as well and could this be part of the problem? Has my app just frozen?

Can someone please tell me how to fix it?

I’ve fixed the problem… As expected with my app updating my video doorbell was still trying to use the older version. If anyone else has the same problem here’s how I fixed it. 1 open app and add new device. 2 Go to your doorbell, remove cover and press and hold the pair buttom like you did when you first set your device up. The lgiht on your device will then come on and just follow the instructions on the app. Takes about 10 minutes for everything to update and any settings you had setup on your device will all still be there for you. Hopefully if any of you have the same problem this fixes it for you.

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Hi @AllanConnor1. Thank you for sharing and I’m glad you were able to figure this out! Great work! :robothappy: