Battery suddenly draining rapidly

This is my third year with the ring doorbell two. The first two years I would have to charge the battery every 6-8 months and it worked great. Now suddenly my battery is draining fast.

I ordered a new battery thinking my old battery was going bad, charged it fully, and it notified me 2 days later saying the battery needed to be charged.

I have changed no motion setting, everything is set to minimal , and all settings are set for optimal battery life. Wifi signal is strong and the weather is not cold.

I thought maybe it was the plants on my front porch triggering something, so I removed all plants from my porch and this did not help.

Only thing I have noticed is under “recent activity” there’s a “linked event-motion” that pops up every minute or two despite there being no motion at the front door. I also have nothing linked to this camera except a chime.

I’m growing increasingly frustrated. Is it a coincidence this started happening around the time my Ring Protect plan expired? There should be no reason I cant hang a plant on my front porch while having a ring doorbell…

Yes, just a coincidence.
Using Alexa or some other service that you have your doorbell linked into? If yes, try removing your doorbell to see if it improves. And yes, the Linked Event Motion is likely what is causing the battery to drain.
Something to try if nothing else works,