Battery suddenly drained within days ?


I have installed my Video Doorbell 2 around january. Charged it fully and the battery lasted up until recently (bear in mind i live in Switzerland so the weather was pretty cold the 1st month or so).

On the 2nd charge, it lasted a few days. Thought it was a mistake on my part, so i charged it again for 24 hours (including plugging it off and back on when the orange light was off) and after 24 hours of use, i’m down from 100 to 84%.

The weather is much warmer now, I have it setup to the very minimal actions, ie not even logging activity. My wifi is not very strong (around 70-75 i think).

So what has changed in the last month or so that could explain such a fast draining of my battery ?

Hey @Malibukoko. Have you been seeing an increase in events during this time? If you are having more than 10 events a day, this could be why the battery is draining so fast. Although, I will say that it seems to be a bit faster of a drain than expected, even if you were having more than 10 events a day. Could you take a look at your history and tell me how many events (Live View, motion, dings, Linked Events) you seem to have a day? In addition, has your RSSI always been around 70, or have you just now realized how high the RSSI is? Last thing I could think of that you could try is to buy another battery to rule out if this could be the cause for the drain, as maybe it is due to the battery. You can always purchase one from a store or online at or to utilize the 30 day money back return if you find a new battery does not help.

Thanks for the answer @Chelsea_Ring
Non, there are not so many events, like i said, i’ve disable almost everything. See capture attached.
My wifi was kinda low since the very beginning, because the door/walls are pretty hefty, it hasn’t really changed since the beginning.

Since amazon return are not really an option for me (each of them cost me about 20€) i’d appreciate another solution. Especially since i dont see a reason for a battery to last 3 month on the 1st charge and then 3 days on the second.


Oh even better now : I checked the app this morning since i was waiting for an important parcel and it said 22%, so i figured it would be enough to get my parcel. But it appears the battery is totally empty (fully charged on wednesday mind you) and even after removing it so i could charge it, the app still says it’s 22% and “online”. Can’t access video and pressing the button doesn’t do anything obviously, but the app says it’s all fine.

@Malibukoko Thanks so much for getting back to me! My apologizes as I am out over the weekend, but I can definitely see from how over the past week from Wednesday, how your battery is already drained, is not a good thing. If you can, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

It’s me again.

Shortly after your suggestion of calling support team, the battery life fixed itself and lasted several weeks again.
But here we go again, it was drained in less than a week. I charged it and plugged in on monday morning, 36 hours later it has lost ~35%.

Surely there has been software updates messing with this, and i find it very exhausting. Hopefully somebody will come clean about it ?