Battery suddenly drained within 2-3 weeks

Purchased my Ring Video 2 doorbell in October 2019. I have not had to charge my hardwired doorbell battery in 12 months, but I just charged it a couple of weeks ago for the first time all the way up to 100%. And now the battery has depleted again down to 14% today. This behavior is not consistent. Do I have a bad battery? It does not make sense that the charge would last for 12 months the first time and then only 2-3 weeks the second time. I see an advertisement for a solar charger which feels gimmicky to me that they offer that as soon as it starts having charging troubles. I have not changed any settings recently as to how active the sensors should be between the last charge and before.

Hi @goldentwig! There are many factors that can cause battery to drain, in which the winter season brings the common variable of temperature. Cold temperatures, even if only overnight, can drain any battery quicker than usual. The best way to optimize battery life is to fine tune the number of events received daily, avoid excessive usage or length of live views, and ensure the wifi signal strength is sufficient so that your device is not working harder to remain connected. Feel free to also check out our Community post about battery drain for more tips.

As you mentioned, a Solar Charger can certainly provide a charge to your battery. Another option for obtaining a trickle charge is connecting your Video Doorbell to wiring that provides at least 8v to 24v of AC power. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

It already is connected to the doorbell wiring which is how I didn’t have to charge it for the first 12 months. I suppose it was the cold snap of weather we suddenly got this week, but that’s too bad if I’m gonna have to charge it every few weeks during winter! I like the settings I am using now because I wanted to monitor security of my mailbox next to the street, so I don’t mind the extra alerts from cars. Otherwise I was missing a lot of activity and the device is too slow to go live on demand many times when I try, even though my Satellite Router is mere feet behind it inside the house and my Internet download speed is 200+ Mbps.