Battery Stick up live view?

So I just received a replacement unit and it’s exhibiting the same symptoms as the original. The camera detects motion and alerts but live view does not always work, it mostly fails but every now and then works.

Is it not possible to use Live View on the battery Stick up unit?

I troubleshoot the original with support and got the replacement. Internet test is great, tried different sensitivity levels, removed set back up, basically every possible thing. But having a second unit do this makes me wonder why.

I have other cameras working fine but this is my first battery stick up. Wondering if this unit just isn’t a good hardware option?

well very intriguing but things have started working consistently today. Did someone fix service bug? Does it take some time for the service to create a connection with a new device?

Very odd. Nothing changed at my end.

What is your rssi signal value?


Probably not an issue then with rssi. Of course they recommend -40 to 0. Non of mine are as good as your rssi of -47.