Battery Stick Up Camera - Reconnect to Wifi

Hi! Ive got three Battery Stick Up cameras that are working great. except for one issue that is “kinda” a big thing “when” it happens.

If the router / wifi gets reset, restarts or someting happens. The cameras does not seem to try and reconnect to the wifi. There is not change to SSID, Password etc. So they should just be able to reconnect again.

I now need to remove the battery and insert it again for the cameras to reconnect.

Is this by design? Can it be fixed?

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This can depend on some network variables, but in many cases your Ring devices should reconnect automatically. The length of a network outage, wifi signal strength efficiency, and even the number of devices trying to reconnect at the same time, can impact network performance. If your Ring devices do not automatically reconnect, please reconnect your Ring device by following the steps in this Help Center article.

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Hi, I have the same problem. I have a Ring camera in a holiday home about 500km away. The internet went down for about an hour, now the camera has not reconnected to Wi-Fi. My other camera has reconnected. I obviously can’t do anything that requires me to be there because it’s too far. Will it try to reconnect itself after a while? Or will it auto reset? (these should both be in the firmware I believe). Or is there anything I can do from far away?


Having the same problem with my boat in a marina 3 hours away.

When marina wifi goes down (every week or so), I have to physically reset the wifi.

For all intents, that makes the product useless to me.

Is there anything else I can do. I think I can set up a hot spot with my iPad, but I’ll have to get a Verizon account and that seems to be an avoidable expense.

Great product, when it works, but useless in this circumstance.

Cycle power and cameras will reconnect to WiFi within seconds. I have all my cameras plugged in to smart outlets. (I don’t have a fix to reconnect my one hardwired camera if I’m away) The doorbell is the exception and requires a few power cycles on occasion.

I don’t understand why ring fails to publish this simple fix, instead providing troubleshooting that is inconvenient, often ineffective and requires you to physically be present at the camera.

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Reconnect to WiFi remotely - Products / Security Cams - Ring Community

Your Ring Doorbell or Camera should automatically try to reconnect to wifi after a temporary wifi or power outage. If your device is unable to automatically reconnect, this could be due to the strength of the wifi signal. Try manually reconnecting your Ring device to wifi, then check the wifi signal strength on the Device Health page. If the signal is weak or unstable, it will be harder for the Doorbell or Camera to automatically reconnect after a temporary outage.