Battery Stick Up Cam Not Sending Alerts

We just installed our battery powered stick up cam above our garage which covers our driveway, front yard and some of the street. We have all of our toggles set to record any and all motion (for testing purposes). We tested it tonight and it’s recording every single car that drives by (even though I have it set to people only) but it’s still only very randomly sending me an alert yet when I go to the app, there’s several videos recorded from car action. But yet when we walked across our yard and up our driveway in between the cars, NOTHING!!! No alerts and no recording. Can anyone help? What are we doing wrong?

Hi @HoppisHouse. To clarify, when People Only Mode is enabled, it will not send you a motion alert if the motion detected is not from a person. To receive motion alerts for all motion that your Camera detects, you can toggle People Only Mode off. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the Motion Zones, motion sensitivity, and Motion Frequency settings you have set in the Ring App? I’d be happy to take a look and see what adjustments I can recommend to optimize the motion detection.