Battery Stick Up Cam Device Health Not Worki

Latest iOS app update does not allow for Device Health Info for stick up battery cam.
All other cam devices show battery health.
The stick up battery cam is connected and functional. The menu item for device health shows no health information. Please update app. This is a software issue with the latest iOS app update. TY!

It doesn’t matter which Stick Up Cam it is, each one has been affected since the involuntarily installed RING Update 5.43.0 and shows an empty DEVICE HEALTH page.

Now we have to wait for the firmware to be corrected in a new update 5.43.x for iOS (Android apparently not affected).

Telephone support isn’t helpful at all - just eager to get rid of you. And the constant reposting in the community or the creation of new threads on the same topic annoys the moderators, who can only try to calm the angry users.


More people should then post so Ring understands users are affected.

Thanks Ring for fixing the problem