Battery spotlight camera

How remote from a house can a battery operate spotlight camera work?

Good question @Rikbass! Our Spotlight Cam Battery operates using your in home wifi. While the Cam has a requirement for these resources, it is entirely up to the home network to provide such, in which routers, speeds, and environments can cause resources to vary by location. For this reason, the best answer to your question would be that the Cam should be mounted in a location in which your wifi signal can reach efficiently.

As you are looking into the battery powered Spotlight Cam, you will have the convenience of testing signal in an area before mounting the device.

If you are also wondering how far you can access the Cam via the Ring app, you should be able to monitor and control your Cam remotely from any place that allows your mobile device to communicate, and as long as your Camera is connected to wifi in it’s current location. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: