Battery Spotlight Cam zones

I have installed a Battery Spotlight Cam over the garage doors. The drive way slopes toward the street. The camera is 9’ high , in the center of the garage. I am having a hard time adjusting the motion zones … maybe because of the slope … any recommendations ?

Hey @TPR49. I’m happy to help with this! Could you let me know what your Live View looks like and what you have your Motion Settings currently set to? In addition, is there a certain motion you are trying to ensure you capture? Lastly, is this for the Spotlight Cam Battery? Let me know! :slight_smile:


Yes it is the Battery Spotlight Cam. We have have recently had a few cars broken into in my neighborhood, so I am trying to get as much coveage on my driveway as possible. Ideally I would want coveage from the garage to the end of the driveway. I have the people only mode on and motion verification on. I have attached some screen shots plus the side view of the driveway. the camera is circled in red.

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Hey @TPR49, chiming in for Chelsea here. Thank you for taking those pictures and attaching them for us here! Based on the pictures, the overall placement of the Spotlight Cam should give you good coverage of your driveway. The blue indicators on the Motion Zones screen are there mostly for reference to each section that can be turned on or off, but the Camera can detect motion approximately 30 feet out. If you find that some events happening farther out are not being picked up, you can try to angle the Camera upwards just a bit as well.