Battery showing low despite full charge

I spent time with Ring support yesterday. The uninstall/reinstall the app did NOT work also. So she had me reset the (2) doorbells - hold reset button for exactly 20 seconds. That worked, the devices showed batteries at 100%.

This is definitely a RING issue. I have had the Doorbells for 27 months and rotate 5 batteries through 4 cams and never had this issue until this past week. Perhaps a bug in one of the new features added recently.

So until “fixed”, check your battery level as soon as replacing to avoid an extra open/close to reset.

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Same issue here. Charged two full days but the camera still shows 3% battery and doesn’t work.


I did as Kallen said, hold button for 20 seconds and it fixes the issue. Had to reconnect to wifi after though.
Thanks to Kallen for sharing.

I removed the device then re-added it. Now, it shows fully charged.

I rechecked the batteries on the charger. I reinstalled the app twice and that did not resolve the problem. When I checked the settings It was not connected to the internet and the reset did not work until I did a “install a new device” scanned the qualcode, pushed the setup button and took the option to set up to my Chime Pro. It then reconnected to the internet and so far working with no low battery signal!

Mine is doing the exact same thing. I called support but got some person in another conutry whos accent I could absolutely NOT understand and HE actually hung up on me. I guess he was frustrated at having to repeat himself. Crappy service. Crappy batteries. Thinking of just returning this and getting another brand of security camera beciase I cannot even use them!

Some one help???


What did they tell you to do? I’m having the same problem but cannot get a rep I can understand in English.

Did you just leave everything hooked up? I’ll try that before attempting to call support AGAIN. Thanks! Shawn

1st - hold the reset button for 20 seconds, and it may reconnect automatically.

2nd - try goung to DEVICES / DEVICE HEALTH and reconnect to your wifi.

It’s frustrating I know. Two years with 4 devices and this crap just started to happen. Maybe all the new features are to blame. The reliability has been very good until recently. And for me it’s only the doorbells, I have 2 wired cams - no such issues.

Sorry to hear about this @SMH! This is not at all the experience we intend for our neighbors, and I will ensure that your feedback reaches the appropriate teams. Did the reset help with this concern?

If not, try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device. Once complete, please reconnect your Ring device to the network, or attempt a live view to see if it has automatically reconnected. After a motion event, your Ring app should display the proper level in the device health section.

having the exact same issues with my doorbell… it just does not recognise a fully charged battery. Had the ring doorbell 2 replaced twice by ring, once with a ring doorbell 2 and then the second time with doorbell 3 and still no luck at all… what is going on?

Beyond frustrating. I’ve charged it twice and reinstalled the app. Still shows low. Did you solve your issue?

Yeah, when I did a complete new setup/install it fixed the issue. Frustrating but it seems to work OK now, hope you get yours working.

I did several things including a full reset. I don’t remember which finally worked. Because I had another doorbell do the same thing and my successful work around did not work. It seems each is a bit different. However no troubles in the past few months.

Same problem as the rest of you. Put in a new fully charged ring battery and the app shows low battery. Can’t use the ring and support is so hard to understand that I gave up. I did reinstall the app but nothing changed.

I’ll try the reset option. If that doesn’t work it goes in the garbage and I use another company. I am writing the CEO and telling him to get on the community board to see how the product performs. They should not be selling this lemon.

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You usually have to trigger an event (motion, ring the doorbell, use live view) in order for the battery status to update. Lacking events, it should update when it does its periodic health check.

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I figured out a solution! I just got my ring and changed the battery for the first time and was having the same problem everyone else was. I found the solution was to reconnect to the network. The app told me that reconnecting failed, however after closing that screen it was back to working 100%

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exactly the same problem, tried reinstalling the app, tried reconnecting to the network it’s still the same why hasn’t this been fixed?

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Hey neighbors. If your Ring Video Doorbell is not displaying the correct battery status, here are a few steps you can try. First, ensure that your battery is fully charged (solid green LED light). Next, reboot your internet router and your doorbell. You can reboot your router by unplugging it for 3 minutes, then plug it back it. For your doorbell, press and hold the setup button for 20 seconds, then release.

Once that is complete and your wifi has restored, you can reconnect your doorbell to wifi. Once connected, your doorbell will perform a quick update. To verify that your doorbell is online, try pressing the doorbell button to trigger a notification. This should cause your doorbell to display the correct battery status. If you are still having issues with this after performing these steps, reach out to our support team to dive deeper on this.

Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

me too on my dorbell 3 - look’s like we ALL have the same problem. worked for years and stopped a couple of weeks ago (in case of a broken firmeware update?)

RING wake up and talk to your customers TRANSPARENT and stop publishing nonsese checklist!

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