battery showing low despite full charge

Hi, I bought my Ring Door Bell 2 a month ago. So it’s time to change the battery. I have a back up Ring battery not an after market battery. It was fully charged but the camera shows low charge. I then took the original battery, fully charged it and the same thing on the original battery. I left them charging over night, any suggestions?


I’m having the same issue with a new doorbell and battery. The light indicates it’s charged, but the doorbell reports it as being 17%.

I’m trying to fix it now with tech support. I suggest you do the same.

I’m doing the exact same.

I spent more than an hour trying everything under the sun to fix and it with tech support and it won’t work. They’re sending me a new unit, hopefully just a bad batch.

Good Luck with yours

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Maybe it was a bad batch, they are sending me a new one as well. I hope it arrives soon. Mine won’t charge and therefore my doorbell is unusable.

I’m having the same issue. Got an extra battery, when I purchased my doorbell last month. Thought this would prevent having down time for charging. Installed fresh battery but the app still shows low voltage and won’t change after ringing bell several times!

I’m having the low battery problem as well. I changed the battery yesterday so was fully charged and I lost the Internet connection and hadn’t been able to get it since.

I’m having the same issue! Was going to try to reset, but sounds like I need to get a new one sent to us.

Mine ultimately fixed itself. I just left it alone and checked a few days later.

Same problem

Hi I just got my one to show full again by removing the devise from the app and re setting it up again as new

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That’s not an ideal fix though is it? Everytime you changed the battery you have to reinstall a new device.
I have the same problem.
Maybe an update from Ring would be a better option as it looks to me like it’s a software issue as opposed to hardware.


This is obviously a new RING issue. I have 4 doorbells and 5 batteries which rotate through the devices. I also have maintained a spreadsheet since Feb 2018 of battery levels and which battery has been in which device.
And just THIS week I am having the SAME issue on TWO different doorbells that are reporting the low levels (28&35%), AFTER replacing with charged batteries! No issue like this in 27 months. What is the real problem RING?

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I am now experiencing this issue with two of my four devices. A stick up cam and a spotlight cam. Neither are updating the battery levels when fully charged which means they are not connecting to the wifi and, therefore, rendered completely useless. As I have four batteries to use across these two devices, it is definitely not a battery issue.
I have uninstalled the app (on two separate tablets) and reinstalled and this has not fixed the problem. Any advise on what I do now?

I spent time with Ring support yesterday. The uninstall/reinstall the app did NOT work also. So she had me reset the (2) doorbells - hold reset button for exactly 20 seconds. That worked, the devices showed batteries at 100%.

This is definitely a RING issue. I have had the Doorbells for 27 months and rotate 5 batteries through 4 cams and never had this issue until this past week. Perhaps a bug in one of the new features added recently.

So until “fixed”, check your battery level as soon as replacing to avoid an extra open/close to reset.

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Same issue here. Charged two full days but the camera still shows 3% battery and doesn’t work.


I did as Kallen said, hold button for 20 seconds and it fixes the issue. Had to reconnect to wifi after though.
Thanks to Kallen for sharing.

I removed the device then re-added it. Now, it shows fully charged.

I rechecked the batteries on the charger. I reinstalled the app twice and that did not resolve the problem. When I checked the settings It was not connected to the internet and the reset did not work until I did a “install a new device” scanned the qualcode, pushed the setup button and took the option to set up to my Chime Pro. It then reconnected to the internet and so far working with no low battery signal!