Battery reading low but fully charged

Probably a simple fix so forgive my stupidity. I have a battery doorbell on a solar charger. Battery reading was low so I extracted the battery and full charged it. After replacement my app is still showing 20% battery. Btw I did ring the doorbell after replacing the battery. Help!

Wait about 10-15 minutes and check the app again. I’ve found that the battery status doesn’t always update immediately when you put in a new one.

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Thanks but it’s been like this since yesterday and I’ve tried the app numerous times.

Hi there, @Misog! @jimyouse had a great suggestion, in which I’d add to also trigger a few motion events. After some time, or after an event, your Ring app should update the battery level in Device Health section of your Video Doorbell page. If possible, try checking the battery level on another mobile device. If you have multiple battery powered Ring devices with the quick release battery packs, try using another for this unit to see if there is any difference.

Please ensure the battery in question was charged for several hours using the micro usb provided with your Video Doorbell. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: