Battery Products not detecting motion and no live view

I have 4 Ring products in/around my home. 3 battery powered (2 flood light cams and a doorbell) and 1 plug-in indoor cam. In the last 24 hours my roommate and I have both lost the ability to get Live View to work on the three battery-powered products, but the indoor plug-in cam is working fine. Also, all of the battery-powered products have stopped detecting motion. All products are connected to the same network and the “Device Health” feature indicates that all are connected and have good signal. Can someone provide some guidance on next steps and potential fixes? All of these devices are brand new and I have to say I’m starting to become disappointed with my purchase.

Hey @Hayden435. For your battery powered devices, what is the RSSI for each device and the battery %? You can see this under the Device Health page for each of the devices!

Hey Chelsea, thank you for your reply. Please see below:

Doorbell - RSSI -44 Battery 73%

Security Light 1 - RSSI -57 Battery 51%

Security Light 2 - RSSI -44 Battery 75%

Plug-in indoor cam - RSSI -47

Nothing has changed about my wifi location/strength/etc, and this occurred with all battery-powered devices at the same time with the same symptoms.

Any help you could provide would be very much appreciated!

  • Hayden

@Hayden435 Thank you for providing me with these numbers! The RSSI and battery levels look good, so doesn’t seem to be too much of a concern there. I wanted to also ensure that the battery level was not below 30%, as myself and other neighbors notice that common concern as well when the battery is getting low. Could you potentially give your router a reboot to see if this helps?

For the reboot, just unplug it from power for about one minute, and then replug it back up! After that, try to activate the Live View for your Indoor Cam first to ensure that is still working, and then go through the list of the other devices.

If possible, please leave a minute or two in between attempting Live Views to discount that as a potential error as well. If this continues to fail, you could then give rebooting the devices a try as well. For the battery operated devices, you will just press and hold down the setup button on each for 30 seconds, and then after a couple minutes after the device has rebooted, attempt a Live View as well. Let me know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Hey Chelsea,

None of these options have fixed anything. I have started to see notifications for detected motion, but the three battery-powered devices still cannot go into Live View mode. I see “activating device” with the spinning blue circle and then eventually it gives up and says “Streaming Error”. Do you have any other ideas?

  • Hayden

@Hayden435 Thank you for trying all of those things and I apologize that it’s still not working. Since we’ve done the troubleshooting on the devices, you may need to adjust some of your router’s settings. It’s worth a try! If you could, please visit this Ring Help Center Article here. This will detail what ports and protocols should be opened on your router to not restrict Live Viewing. You may need to contact your ISP to have them open these for you if you’re not sure where to do this on your router’s settings. Once everything is done, give your router a reboot by disconnecting power for a minute and then putting the power back to it.

If this continues to fail for you, please reach out to our support team here for more in-depth troubleshooting with your account and specific devices so you can reach a resolution sooner!