Battery percentage no longer shows on device helath!

I have several Stick Up Cam cameras and a few weeks ago I noticed that the “Power Source” and “Battery Level” (percentage) have been removed from the Device Health screen.

The Battery Level percentage was something I really depended on, and I don’t understand why Ring would remove a feature like this.

Is there a way to enable Battery Level percentage again this somehow?


Hi there, @aprr! When viewing your battery power level in the Device health section of your Ring app, tap on the symbol that is there. This should change it to display the percentage of battery left. Depending on the Stick Up Camera model, the battery/ plug in version can have a different power mode. Please ensure the correct power mode is selected for battery use. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi @Marley_Ring as I mentioned in my initial post there is nothing about the battery in the device health anymore, even the Ring Device Health documentation page that you link to indicates that there should be a battery percentage but if you go to the Android app and look at the device health for a Stick Up cam Plugin you will not see a battery percentage anymore it was there if you had checked 2 months ago. So my question remains unanswered as to why Ring removed this, what you suggest is simply not possible since there is no such display in the device health.

The Stick Up Cams I bought close to Jan/2021 and setup after writing the original post are showing the battery percentage and Power Source, and the ones I bought in Oct/2020 stopped showing the battery percentage as explained in my original post.

Another issue (possibly related) is that the Stick Up Cams that do show the Power Source, says they are connected to a Solar Panel (and charging) but they are connected to a Ring AC power adapter.

Even though the above issues are not directly impairing the core functionality of the product – I would appreciate if Ring could explain of the root cause for these inaccurate device health information – and even better offer a fix, which I strongly suspect would be in the firmware.

Thank you for keeping us updated on your experience! This concern looks to be related to this Community thread. I’ve shared your observations with our teams here, who is looking into this matter as we speak. For now, please note the solar panel showing in your device health will not impact intended functionality.

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