Battery operated stickup cam constantly giving fake motion alerts with no video lately?

I have a battery operated stick up cam that monitors the garage door of my home where packages are left.

It has worked very well so far, but about 2 weeks ago that all changed as if someone flipped a switch. I now get random and multiple motion alerts for things that aren’t there, and there are never any images for the rich alert images or videos when this happens like there will be for a legitimate event. The live image function will no longer work either when this starts happening.

It also stops detecting motion and the little blue light that normally comes on when I walk in front of it no longer comes on, yet somehow its still sending fake motion notifications during this time, but misses actual events. The battery that used to last for 8 months between charges is now dropping nearly 10% per day

It will also randomly tell me its no longer connected to the internet, but then fix itself on its own, then the whole process starts all over again. Bottom line is it went from working every time, to complete unreliable garbage for the last couple weeks.

This has nothing to do with my network which is a strong fiber gig speed setup, and the Chime Pro its connected to is working fine with a very strong signal, and the camera has a great connection with great RSSI values typically around 40

My other wired Ring device has no issue at all on the exact same network, and every time something goofy like this has happened in the past it has been on the Ring side of things mucking around with the software, etc and would go back to normal within a day or two after they fix the problem on their end, but this has been happening for weeks now.

Am I the only one seeing this and has Ring changed something on their end lately that would cause this sudden issue with battery cams, or did my camera only last less than 2 years and now needs to be replaced already?

I will reply to my own post with an update for anyone else with similar issues in the future finding this in a search, but yes, it was on the Ring side as usual and all is back to magically working perfectly normal again just as soon as the new software update on the app showed up.

This is the third time now that my battery operated cam suddenly goes from working perfectly every time, to all wonky all of the sudden, and every time it was due to some sort of update or software changes Ring was making in the background

Don’t just assume that something is wrong with the network on your end like they will always claim, or that your equipment is bad in some way