Battery not recognized

My Spotlight Cam does not recognize the battery. I have bought a new battery and charged it fully. When inserted the indicator on the spotlight still shows red. This happens on both sides with both the new and old battery. Cam is about 9 months old. I tried the reset but nothing happens, no light no flash. Any help? Time for a warranty return? Thanks.

I am having the same problem. What solution did you find?

Nothing yet. I have emailed the help department but no answer as of today.

Hey neighbors! If your devices will not register that there is a fully charged battery in it, please reach out to our support team over the phone here. Due to COVID-19 concerns, we have limited our hours of operation and scope of help, and therefore you will need to call in during the times we are open (5am - 8pm PDT) to get troubleshooting assistance. Please feel free to let us know how calling them up goes!