Battery not charging all way

I have my stick up cam plugged in for two days it will not go above 93% any suggestions

Hey @Theresaann. It’s possible that the battery percentage may have not had a chance to update. If you can, please plug in your Stick Up Cam’s battery into the outlet and charge it until the light on the battery is only green. From there, plug it back up with the device, and then activate the Live View.

This normally updates the Device Health, which you should be able to check and see it’s high enough, around 98-100%! Normally the device will use some of the battery life to turn on the camera and make it work, which may be why you’re seeing it around 93% as well. Lastly, you can preform a reset of the camera by pressing and holding the setup button for 30 seconds to see if it then updates in the Device Health section soon after. :slight_smile:

I called talked to someone tried everything under the sun to get it to charge past 93%
Not happening

charged the battery for 5 hours, the meter indicts 46%, no increase at all. how to tell if the battery is bad

Ok ty