Battery Life Video Doorbell 2 Pro in cold weather

Does anyone have experience with battery life in cold weather in the Video doorbell 2 Pro compared with the original video doorbell?

Hi @DiverDoc. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 does not have a battery in it. It is a hardwired device. Cold weather does affect hardwired devices like it does battery-powered ones.

Ah! So my video doorbell original shows as “hardwired” when attached to the doorbell mounting bracket. So this is different? I looked at the product specs,and am confused. This does not wire into the doorbell power, but requires to be hooked up 120 V household power via a transformer? Or does this transformer replace my current doorbell transformer?

@DiverDoc. Yes, it is different. The original Doorbell was a battery-operated Doorbell that could be hardwired to trickle charge the battery while it was in use. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro has no battery and works solely off of hardwiring. It can use the transformer you already have that you were using for your original Doorbell as long as it meets the power requirements of 16–24 VAC (a minimum of 10 volt-amps). We have articles in the Help Center here that have more detailed information regarding the Pro.

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