Battery life of one week - Ring Video Doorbell 3 (not hardwired)

Purchased in April 2022, UK-based. Installed by front door, works fine, 3 metres from the router, no connection issues. Battery life is one week - not the “months” quoted in the advertising. Resolution needed by Ring to sort this.

I have contacted customer service via phone to report the battery life issue and request a resolution. I was asked to reset the unit. The rep also did some “changes” in the “backend” of my device with no specifics given. All settings have been adjusted to be at lowest battery usage as confirmed by the rep who was granted access to my account.

I was advised to fully charge the battery and see if it improved, but if not he would send me an email which i could reply to for further help. Email was received, the problem remains, but my reply to the email has not been acknowledged or replied to even by an automated response in two weeks.

Ring customer support - please advise how you will contact me to resolve this, or i will be requesting a full refund as product does not meet expectations as advertised. Happy to try a new battery or a new unit, but the current battery/unit clearly is not working properly to drain the battery in one week. Thank you.

No one from Ring is going to reach out to you, it’s the other way around you have to contact support. Especially because no one in these forums has access to your account information.
Batteries don’t last forever and more than likely you are having a lot of motion events that wake up your Doorbell which is causing your week long battery life.
If you aren’t willing to wire your doorbell to get a trickle charge or use one of the solar options then you may have to look for alternatives.

Appreciate the reply. It was a hail Mary as i’d seen responses from Ring personnel to other posts so worth a shot. Anything to avoid another experience with the call centre.

It’s a front door that faces a fence, with a normal family living in the house. If that is a lot of motion events and reduces the battery life to a week, then the product should come with a disclaimer about use cases for expected battery life.

Hi @user14564. The Ring Community is a public neighbor-to-neighbor forum, and the moderators are here to provide general troubleshooting tips and tricks that may help with questions or concerns. We aren’t able to look at your account details or see any information from when you previously contacted support.

I’m sorry there was miscommunication from our support team on how to follow up with your support request, but the best course of action would be to reach back out via one of the numbers available here. Let them know that the previous troubleshooting steps did not resolve your concern so they can investigate further and find a resolution that works for you.