Battery life is horrendous, 3 weeks…

I have a VD3+ and have set the settings to recommend for best battery life.

However I only get 3-4 weeks and battery needs changing. I’ve started to note when I’m changing batteries (I have 2) and it’s around 3-4 weeks. Nothing like the bloated 6 months that Ring say.

Now I know Ring would say 6 months as ideal situations etc etc, but to not even get 1/2 of that consistently I don’t think is correct.

I’m in UK and only support is via telephone for some reason. I tried once and they checked settings and said looked ok. The only recommendation was to get a wedge pointing away from my door!?! Isn’t that the point to detect people coming?

I’ve programmed the zones to trim in and just detect what I want but still get 3-4 weeks.

Is this normal? Anyone suggest anything, is my VD3+ faulty?


The six month estimate is a best case scenario with all settings turned down to save the most battery. I have two battery Spotlight Cams that have around 10 - 15 motion events per day on average, and I get around four weeks of battery life per each battery pack in the warm weather months. I also have both cameras set to the recommended settings. How many motion events is your doorbell receiving per day usually?

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I know it’s always in ideal conditions that they test etc, but to say 6 months is a stretch I think.

I’m getting about 10-12 recorded motions a day, I’ve just went through quite a few days.

The spotlight cam though I think, use same battery, but also has the spotlight so surely uses more power, unless your recordings are through day.

I have the lights disabled on both of my cameras because I have other lights in the same location as the cameras. If I left the lights enabled the battery life would be less, but I haven’t done extensive testing in that regard. My cameras have averaged around 3 - 4 weeks of battery life for each battery pack ever since they’ve been installed.

How is your WiFi signal at the doorbell? A weak signal can cause the doorbell to use more battery as well.

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Hi @L1111. As @pdeethardt has mentioned, one factor for battery life is the amount of activations per day (recordings, snapshots, live view) as well as RSSI. A RSSI that is high (-45 or below) will cause your camera to “work harder” when transmitting data from recordings and ultimately drain the battery quicker. With a good RSSI and recommend settings (less than 18 activations per day) you can expect to get a few months of life out of your battery.