Battery life in motion detector + outdoor siren

A newbie here. I am thinking about purchasing the Ring security alarm but I have three concerns and would like to ask for your advice.

  1. Can somebody share how long does the battery last in a motion detector that is located in a living room or any other heavy traffic area?

As of 12/04/2021:

  1. Is there any update if Ring made a modification of the system to stop detecting of any motion by the motion detectors when the system is in the OFF status? (to stop draining the battery)

  2. Is there any update on when we can expect the Ring outdoor siren available again in the US? (a deal breaker for me)

Thank you very much

Hi @user4365. We don’t have any information to share on the Ring Outdoor Siren at this time. As for the Motion Detector, there is not a way to turn it off and have it stop detecting motion. You can turn the alerts on and off, and control whether or not it’s armed based on which Mode you have it in, but you cannot turn the motion detection off completely. The average battery life will depend on the amount of traffic in the area, but you can typically expect anywhere from 6 months to 1 year out of the Motion Detector’s battery. I hope this information helps! :slight_smile: