Battery length on Indoor Stick up cam

I recently purchased a stick up cam, July 21st to be exact. Got it on the 23rd, charged the battery fully and got a message today saying the battery was already at 10% left. It sits in the kitchen facing the back door. It picks up sporadic motion throughout the day as does my ring doorbell cam, in fact, it is probably along the same amount of motion each day.

My question is, Is this normal for it to drain that fast? Having to charge it every month seems like a bit of a hassle, especially since I have it placed way up on top of the cabinets in a corner that is difficult to access. I expected about the same amount of time in between charges as the doorbell camera, which is about every 6-9 months if not more.

Hi @DoCFuRy! When first setting up your Ring device, the initial setup and first time usage can drain battery a little quicker than normal. Factors such as initial connection, updates, configuration of settings, and even testing different features of the Camera, can often drain the battery. Now that you’ve found the optimal settings for the environment, try charging your Camera battery to 100% again.

Check out our Community post about battery drain for more tips on improving battery charge life. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: