Battery issues

Hi guys,

Having a bit of trouble with our 2nd Gen video doorbell. This is our 2nd ever charge on the device and every time we plug the charger in, the device settings automatically changes it to hardwired when all we want to do is charge the battery. (Our device is not hardwired we simply charge it) and when we remove the charger it switches back to battery.

There is no option for which power source we want to use in the settings.

When plugging it in to charge the ring will flash as normal and then all of a sudden it will flash on and off at random times making it look as if someone is turning the charging power on and off?

Any ideas how to fix?

Device is only a month old - was a Christmas present.

Hi @ashytm. When you take the Doorbell down to charge it, it should be charged for around 8 hours in order to fully charge it. After charging it, you should be able to put it back in its mounting location without issue. Are there problems with it charging or maintaining a charge? The mode it says it is in while charging shouldn’t affect anything, as long as it charges properly and works properly after it is charged.

Everyone having issues with there ring doorbell?
My ring doorbell is hard wired so I don’t have to remove it to charge it.

Since it is hard wired it telling me my battery is low and needs to be charged? I don’t understand why would I need to charge it if it’s hard wired.

If something wrong with my ring doorbell? Is it defective?

Hi @Somphonemia. I would check the connections on the back of your Doorbell to make sure that they are tight and haven’t come loose. Once they are tight, you can reset your Doorbell and it should cause it to reflect the correct power source. You can perform a reset by pressing and holding the setup button for 20 seconds, then release. Once the reset is complete, reconnect it to wifi. Let me know if this works!