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Why is my battery icon showing yellow instead of green?

Hey @jwgarrett64. If the battery is showing as yellow, it should mean that your battery is needing to be charged soon, as it starting to run low on battery. Once this color is in red, you will need to ensure you take the battery out to charge the device, or hook the device up to charge.

At what percentage does it turn yellow? Mine is reading over 50%, yet it is showing yellow.

Hi @MamaGLR, happy to step in here. The yellow indicates that the battery is no longer full, as it is green when the battery is fully charged. Once it is red, this is when you would need to actually charge it as it is almost drained. As a rule of thumb, you’ll just want to keep an eye out for when the battery icon is red. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply Caitlyn.

At what percentage does it turn yellow?

@MamaGLR At roughly 30% to 60% battery percentage, the battery icon will be yellow. Once it turns red is when you would then want to look into charging the battery before it drains completely.

Thank you!

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