Battery gos low even when hardwired

Hi. I called and after going through a lengthy and annoying “press number” sequence, No-one ever got on the line. My question is: although I have my Ring doorbell connected to low voltage power, the battery occasionally needs manual charging. Why is that? Plus, when I charge it manually, it takes quite a long time to fully charge. Why?

Hey @Jim3. What Doorbell do you have? It sounds like you may have the Ring Video Doorbell or the Doorbell 2, which in case, connecting the Doorbell to a low voltage transformer or internal chime kit can help keep the Doorbell charged with about a 10% trickle charge. Although, if you are seeing a rapid drain on your battery, it may be from having more than 10 events a day. Even with this hardwired connection, you may find after a few months that you need to take it down to charge, and this is normal. If you are having to charge it monthly, you may need a member of our support team to look into this further. For the charging time, to fully charge the battery, or the battery within the device, this normally takes about 8 hours.