Battery draining in 2-3 days

I have a Ring Video Doorbel 2 and when first purchased would last over 2 weeks before needing to be recharged. Now its 2-3 days. I have 2 batteries so its not like one is faulty.

I do not use live view that much and only a few people a day will activate any motion or ring the bell. I have checked all settings and would consider these as standard. Therefore, having the battey drain every couple of days is totally unacceptable. If I was to go on a 2 week, or even 1 week holiday then the product would be rendered useless in its current state.

I understand that the more features RIng add to the doorbell the more these will drain the battery, but the whole point of the product is to have ALL of these on for maximum security. I do not want to compromise with reducing settings.

I also do not feel i should spend £50 on a solar charger, plus the sun is not on the doorbell for most of the day so this may not even solve the issues.

I do not have the option for a hardwired doorbell so am reliant on battery power. 2-3 Days is hopeless. Please help.


We also have experienced this recently. We bought our Ring Video Doorbell 2 about 3 months ago. We only use it for the doorbell press / live view. We have disabled motion video. The first time we charged the battery fully, it lasted 2.5 months. The second time (just 2 weeks ago) we recharged the battery fully, it only lasted 1 week. Now as soon as the battery hits about 45%, it drops like a rock after that … within 4-6 hours it’s dead. So, since my issue is close to yours, I’m hoping someone will see this thread and be able to help both of us!

Hopefully we both get this resolved soon.



Hey neighbors! Thank you for coming to the Community to detail what you have done to try to help your battery life and where it stands now. The battery life you were seeing before where it would last about a month or a few weeks is normal, but the 2-3 days or even a day with very minimal activity (less than 10 events a day), then this is not as it should be. It’s always great to try another battery to rule out a bad battery being the case, but since it seems you both have tried different batteries, I recommend calling our support team for further assistance here.

Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. Let us know what happens from your call, as your answer may help the other or future neighbors that come to this thread. :slight_smile:


I called the support team and was advised the doorbell needed replacing. I have a Ring Protect plan so this was done for me immeadiately and I will receive a new Video Doorbell 3 in next few days.

Excellent response from Ring. Thank you.

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I am grateful for this post. I am experiencing the same issue as well as I am not getting alerts. I had a package delivered and did not receive an alert.
I will contact customer support.

I have exactly the same now. Got my Ring 2 in April/May. It worked fine on the battery up to a week ago (so for 5 Months). After a full charge it now only works for 3 days. I use it on minimal settings (no motion, no snapshots, no live, ring only).

From the Netherlands. I just got my ordered battery replacement to see if that is causing it and will try that first, but it looks like I have the same issue as described here.

I am experiencing the same problems with a new Ring 3 Plus, installed December 2020. I have also purchased a spare battery after experiencing rapid discharge. Both are discharging within 5 days.
Yesterday contacted support (Ali) who insisted that there is no problem with the Ring device, just cold weather.
Never experienced battery discharge problems with my original Ring First Generation.
Currently running my original Ring 1 next to my Ring 3 INDOORS
I shall take screen shots from the device health screens daily.
S far, after only 12 hours - Ring 3 78% - Ring 1 92%
Watch this space.

I seem to have the same problem!

Have had no issues at all until 2-3 weeks ago. Have always had 2 batteries, so swap approximately once a month.

Suddenly a few weeks ago, each battery now lasts 2-3 days!! Also no low battery warning notifications via the app at all, it simply dies.

Both batteries are the same and prior to this both would last at least a month. This is with approximately 5-8 notifications a day

A fully charged battery was swapped in this morning and it`s already showing 35%.

Nothing else has changed. Anyone got any ideas?

I have 2 batteries for my doorbell and in summer I get about 3 days on each battery, but in fall & winter I have to switch them every morning. Even when the doorbell was brand new.
It’s just the cold, it drains all batteries faster.

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