Battery Drain

Getting Tried of this, i remember i used to be able to communicate with Ring Customer service via my app easy… Now i have to scower the internet for information…

My Video Door Bell battery has been dying super quick i have all motions off, no alerts, I just fully charged my ring door bell yesterday and today it’s at 50% My bell gets rung no more that 3-5 times per day, barly do live veiws, no rain, no cold weather. Please advise I’ve been missing important deliveries because of this. And getting a hold of someone from Ring is becoming impossible.


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Sorry to hear about this @BatteryDrain1! You’ve considered many factors that can contribute to battery drain, including temperature. Please also ensure the night time temperature is not cold in your region as this can drain battery quicker during the night. I recommend checking motion activity as well, to see if there are frequent motion events in your history.

It’s good to also check your wifi signal strength, or RSSI, as wifi interference could cause your device to work harder to communicate, or remain connected. For more tips on these factors, here is our Community post about draining battery, and one about RSSI.

Hi everything is as it was, just that the battery drains MUCH MUCH faster. Ive had a ring door bell since 2016 haven’t changed anything as far as settings go. Its just dying in 3 days i missed yet another important package today because of this… Please advise.


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A quick Google search on the internet shows this to be a fairly widespread problem. Many have reported it since the person detection was added.

I’m experiencing the same issue. Reaching out to support caused me to be redirected instead to a user community – this was a bit offputting to be honest. The camera wasn’t cheap. Good support that is easy to reach is an expectation any reasonable person would have.

Daytime and nighttime temperatures are between 70-80 degrees. It’s not temperature.

Wifi signal is strong and this is supported by information within the Ring application.

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