Battery Doorbell Plus motion wont work anymore


I´ve purchased a video Doorbell Plus last week and it worked fine for about 3 days. It wont recognize Motion in 9 of 10 times. I feel like the problem started when i tried geofence which didnt work properly.

I´ve tried:

  • removed Battery for 10 minutes
  • reboot via App
  • reconnected to Wifi
  • deleted the Doorbell and did a re-setup
  • tried different modes
  • motion frequency highest setting
  • motion sensivity highest setting
  • no privacy areas
  • tried different motion areas
  • activated snooze and deactivated it

Camera has an RSSI <50

I linked the Doorbell with my Floodlight and this works. If the floodlight detects a motion the doorbell start recording also.

And is something located behind the black cover above the camera?

Can somepne help with this because I have no other ideas left.


Hi @Raven2023. It can take some trial and error to get your doorbell to detect motion the way you want. I would suggest looking at the information here to assist you.