Battery doorbell not showing video but app is getting technical info from doorbell

After successful setup in Ring app the app still shows doorbell offline. I have run the trouble shotting steps multiple times and each time I reconnect to wifi it says successful. The app is getting the technical info from the doorbell just no Video or notification.
Battery 96%

Any Ideas?

Hi @user51526. Sometimes, It can take a few minutes for the app to update this information. Try pressing the button on the doorbell to prompt a status update. If you are still having this issue, you can perform a reboot on the device. To do this, press and hold the setup button for 20 seconds, then release. Let mw know if this helps.

Tried that twice. My Wifi gateway sees and the doorbell and shows connected. the Ring app shows connected to the wifi and is reporting data like device health however no alerts when the door bell is pressed and no alerts inside or of my phone and of course no video or 2 way communication

Hi @user51526. Since performing a reboot on your device hasn’t correct the issue, I suggest reaching out to our support team for assistance. Please send us a private message on Facebook @Ring or give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.