Battery Door Open Error Message

Hello there,
I wanted to share my situation with the same error message. I called Ring and after the tech support representative made some troubleshooting steps, he determined that my device was defective.
Ring is sending me a replacement.
I hope this information can help.


I installed a Ring system 18 months ago, including a Ring Spotlight Cam Battery and another with the solar panel attached. The solar one had stayed showing 100% battery all that time… until yesterday.

The only thing that happened in the past couple of days was a rainstorm - a rarity in Arizona, hence why I got the solar panel - and now I too am getting the dreaded “Battery Door Open” error message. I haven’t even touched this device in well over a year, and went to check the door battery, which was just as closed as it has always been. I noticed when I opened it that the red light inside indicating it had battery power was not lit up. I have switched the existing battery to the other side, checked to make sure the connection to the solar panel is solid, and will be plugging in a second battery once it is charged. I really didn’t want to have to go plug batteries in all the time, hence the solar panel.

I am quite disappointed that there has been not a single response from Ring since January, and the explanation about why they marked this issue resolved feels like an attempt at a Jedi mind-trick. I’d appreciate some sort of clear official update on what is being done, or how they will make this right.

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Have been having this issue since installing a backup battery in one of my spotlight cams. It went away for a minute then came back and now it is persisting. Total BS that the mods marked this resolved while offering a basic troubleshooting tip and nothing more.
I jist installed a new spotlight cam on my home and haven’t had this issue with it…yet. Doesn’t seem like they care that so many people are experiencing this same problem. No updates pushed out, no other responses from moderators, no real solutions other than switch the battery location. What if you have two batteries installed? Come on Ring. FIX THIS!

I hear you…this is my 2nd cam in 6 weeks…battery door will not close…support were great , and very polite…but the support thec. Pulled a BS excuse and blamed my internet…and was just gone…he sucked!!!

The magnet for the hall sensor seems to be too far away. i put a small 1/4 inch by 1/8 inch button magnet in mine next to the ribbon wire and battery, seems to have solved the problem.

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Same “Battery Door is open issue” new out of the box camera. Is there a clear solution for it ATM? Can we downgrade firmware? I want a refund if this doesn’t work as expected ASAP.

I didn’t have this problem at all until I got the bright idea to buy a second battery. I though the camera was supposed to use one battery and then the other??? Now it just drains both batteries faster than it used to drain one and I’m stuck with this error message. It goes away when I reboot the camera, but then the next time I check the camera it’s back. I was actually thinking about switching from my Nest Hello doorbell to a Ring Doorbell, but after this experience with this Ring camera I’m soooooooo happy I didn’t. The fact that this problem has been marked as “solved” should tell all of us everything we need to know – they’re never going to solve this problem.

I take it there is no fix yet? I’ve been getting this error on two different cameras. The app is almost useless because it feels the need to tell you every time you move around in app. This should be fixed can’t believe it’s gone on this long. As much as these units cost this is ridiculous.

I just thought I would join the LONG list of people complaining about this issue - what in the name of Jehovah do we have to do to get this fixed? If you think you can just ignore a pretty annoying fault and keep selling these things you should be ashamed Mr.Ring or Bezos or whoever’s in charge there, get it sorted ffs!