Battery Door Open Error Message

I had the same experience. Brand new 2-pack Solar Cams, each camera holding 2 batteries and hooked up to solar.

One camera works perfectly since day one.
Second camera gave “battery door open” message immediately. After several days researching online and fiddling with the camera & batteries, I removed 1 battery. NO MORE ISSUES.

We will see how long it lasts, and/or if the other camera starts having problems too.


This is happening on my newest Spotlight cam purchased a few months ago, and on the replacement cam which I received about a couple of months ago, but NOT on my 2 year old Spotlight cam. What’s going on?!?

Purchased my first ring device today and as soon as i switched it on, brand new out of the box its telling me the battery cover is open!
Sounds like this has been going on for a while.
Does the camera still function normally or is it affected by this?

I’ve got two of the battery powered cameras. One worked well from the beginning with two batteries. The other I had this “door open” issue and have now replaced it twice, with the same issue still occurring on the second replacement. I had given up hoping for a working camera, but the battery on the faulty camera drains 2-3 times quicker than the other. They are in a group, so record for the same length of time and share the same settings, so it is clearly related to the fault. Its extremely frustrating, particularly as it takes an hour on the phone with ring each time to get it replaced. I’m considering asking for wired cameras and paying an electrician to hardwire them as it may be the only way to retain both my sanity and my ring system!

Well… After purchasing and using several doorbell and stickup cams over the past few years, I purchased my first spotlight cam recently. Of course I have this issue. And sad to see it’s been around for years and nothing has been done to fix it.
Extremely disappointed.

I am currently having this issue with my Spotlight Cam…I have replaced the camera 2 times so far and I’m now awaiting camera #4 to try and remedy this issue. The disturbing thing is that my Ring representative informed me that after sending me 2 replacements for my new Spotlight Cam, they will now send out a new replacement instead of the last two replacements which were apparently refurbished. What bothers me is twofold, firstly my new camera was replaced with refurbished ones and secondly, I was informed that the next replacement will be a brand new one. They knew about the battery door open error message and sent out replacements that continue to have this defect. I have spent way too much time replacing cameras and sending back defective ones to be informed that I was receiving refurbished cameras with the known flaw in them. I have a house full of Ring devices and until now they have been great, so this took me by surprise. My time and patience is seemingly unimportant to Ring, and I sincerely hope that the next camera will fix this aggravating issue.

Has anyone found a fix for the spotlight cam saying battery door open all the time. Driving me mad. Seen loads of complaints about same issue online but no fixes?

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After reading this forum, I realized it wasn’t just me. I am tired of this error, and climbing up the ladder 3x a week or more. Ring always ask to update it by which I did. I tried switching the battery as well. I’ve done all the troubleshooting that the others mentioned above, and it didn’t all work.

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New cattery cam only 18 hrs old . Open door alert seems this is a common issue. Not only that Ring cannot fix too.

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Camera “battery door is open” error began a few days ago. Have solar panel. Brought canera inside; removed battery; cleaned camera; recharged battery; reinstalled. Have done all suggested remedies with zero success. Want it fixed or will replace with more reliable competing devices. Suggestions, anyone?

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So I think it’s the rubber that’s causing the battery door to open. I tried taping my ring spotlight and making sure it’s tight and it won’t open. But the ring app is still saying the battery door is still open. What is the solution to this? Part replacement?

So, after about a year of perfect service, I start getting the dreaded “battery door open” error on my Ring Spotlight Solar cam. It is installed on a mast on my rooftop. It is a PITA to get to. I took it down and charged the battery because it was completely dead. It always stayed at 90% or higher before. It shows solar is connected but is draining fast! Now what? This is an obvious firmware problem. This camera might as well be a plastic fake camera. I hope Ring monitors these forums.

i have the same error message!

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Got two new Spotlight cam, one is fine while the other one is cursed with the battery door open warning.

Had made sure door is clicked shut, door is spotlessly clean, switched battery slot, and even resetting / adding numerous times, yet still the same warning.

Does anyone have any luck in breaking the curse?


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I have the same issue since I installed some time ago. I just now resorted to using a small piece of duct tape. The door latch is poorly designed.

I was having the same issue but I think I finally figured it out. I tried the recommended steps of holding button down for 20 seconds and re-connecting camera, etc etc. None of that worked. Finally, I realized that one of my two batteries was low on charge. So I removed the battery and placed in charger. Once I did that the error code went away! Its been a day since the code cleared and thankfully has not returned.
I feel Ring has to address this issue. If a battery or batteries charge ia low, then I would expect that should be the error code not that the “battery door compartment is open”.
Hope this helps.

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Same issue here with two cameras. One is brand new out off the box and one is very new. I’ve tried all of the suggested steps to include deleting the cameras completely and reinstalling them. Anyone have an answer other than ‘hold the button 20 seconds and re-connect?’

I am having the same issue, both camera and batteries are brand new.

Has there been any movement on this? My issue is still persisting with one of my cams and with this being brought up some time ago, it’s frustrating nothing has been updated.

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To all,
I received my new ring spotlight cameras and suffered from the battery door open error alarm. I was pretty disappointed as many have mentioned these are not cheap cameras.

I do beleive I have found the solution. You need to insert 1 battery and let that battery register. I waited about 5 minutes just be sure. I then inserted the second after waiting the 5 minutes and presto. Both batteires showed up and no alarm! Hope this helps some people on here.

Thanks and have a good day.

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