Battery doesnt charge

Bought the ring doorbell 2 about 6 weeks ago. Got it working and after a few weeks I charged it. I was only able to charge it once before this issue started happening. Few days later battery was at 11% so I charged it overnight. Put it back in the doorbell and it still said 11%. Took it back out to charge it and now the lights dont come on that indicate it is plugged into a charger. Left it plugged in even tho I didnt think it was charging and after awhile was curious and put it back into the doorbell. Now it is at 2%. I cant charge the battery is my issue.

Hi @Sars. What charging the battery, how long are you charging it for? Are you getting any lights on the battery itself? When the battery is charging, it will be amber and green, and once fully charged, will show as just solid green. If you charge the battery for about 8 hours, it should fully charge and show just the green light. Although, if you’ve charged it for longer than this time and never get any lights, or just still amber and green, you may need a new battery. For advanced troubleshooting and help with this, you can contact our support team here.