Battery does not hold charge

Received new Stick Up Cam and fully charged the included battery. When I installed the Cam yesterday, it gave me a few videos, mostly of me adjusting the camera. Then it stopped showing any updated videos, even though I purposely went in front of it and walked back and forth. I also tried the Live View, and there was nothing. I got the notification that the battery needed to be charged, even though it was fully charged when I installed the Cam. So I again charged the battery, which this time only took around 15 minutes to get the green light only status. Again, I inserted the battery and the app shows that the battery needs to be charged. I put in a different fully charged battery in case this one was defective, since I purchased three Cams. Same message. Weather is around 75 degrees, so that is not the problem. What am I doing incorrectly?

Hi @WorldTraveler! When first receiving a battery powered device or extra battery, it will not be charged for shipping and safety reasons. While it sounds like you’ve charged your batteries fully, it’s always good to check the status in the device health section of your Ring app.

If your battery is not showing 100% charged, it’s best to charge them for several hours using the included Micro USB. I recommend also testing your other Cams to see if they react the same way, as this would be a great way to factor out battery charging concerns. Feel free to let me know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response. I received a packet of three Ring Cams, and when the fully charged battery of one of them (must have taken around 7 hours to get that green light!) didn’t work, and I didn’t get an immediate response from this forum, I contacted Ring. They remotely checked my camera and have determined it is defective. I was asked to charge up one of the other three batteries and put that in and I got positive results. They are sending me a new Cam today for the defective one.

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I appreciate that.

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