Battery Detection Issue


First time poster. I purchased 4 spotlight battery-powered Ring cams a few months ago - up until a few days ago no issues and have loved them.

Recently had a large storm and one of my cameras initially read “battery door open.” I checked on it - battery door was closed. However, the batteries are now completely drained. Despite re-charging them and reinstalling them, continues to read “no battery power.” Have tried multiple different batteries that are working in my other ring cameras and I am getting the same message with this one camera. Any tips? Am I going to have to buy a new camera despite this one only being a few months old?

Could lightening have struck it? Being a few months old warranty should replace it? Others are having this battery door issue. Sounds like a defect!

Hi neighbors. Other neighbors have also had this concern. Join the conversation in this thread here to get more information about this. Thanks, neighbors!