Battery compatibility between Doorbell 2 and Doorbell Plus

I’ve just swapped my Ring Doorbell 2 for a Ring Doorbell Plus. I’m wondering if I can use my old batteries from my Doorbell 2 in my Doorbell Plus, as I have two of them and I’d prefer not to have to buy new ones.
Doorbell Plus battery info: Model No. 5F53E9, 3.6V, 5800MaH, 20.88Wh. 1INR19/662-2
Doorbell 2 batter info: Model No. V4, 3.65V, 6040mAh, 22.046Wh. 1ICR19/66-2

Is it safe to use my Doorbell 2 batteries in my Doorbell Plus?
Many thanks.

Hi @ethering. We use the same Quick Release Battery Pack in all of our battery powered devices, so it is safe to use.

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