Battery Charging

Can i use a standard smartphone plug to charge my doorbell battery. I have misplaced the original.Thanks

I would say yes, I read it somewhere any micro USB plug will work

Thank you for that. I did decide to try it and it did charge but quite slowly. Can you tell me what amp. the Ring charger uses and what is safe to use in a “foreign” charger

No I can’t. When I charged mine originally it said it would take 5-8 hours (from 0 I’m guessing) and it only took about 5. I used another usb because it had a longer cord and that short cord was a pain; either sitting on my laptop (in the way of my keyboard) or down at a plug-in where I couldn’t see the progress. In reading other folks posts; someone said it took only about an hour to charge from 60%.

If your battery is de-charging in 2-3 days something may be wrong, or you have alot of traffic/motion/events. Mine was charged fully on Friday, I installed it on Saturday afternoon and the battery is at 80% now (Monday morning.) At this rate; I’m guessing it will last about a week.