Battery Charging Possible?


Just installed our first Ring and the family loves it. I’m not sure if I’m asking too much of it or something wired wrong.

(It’s wired and the doorbell works.)

The battery isn’t charging, at least not enough that I won’t have to remove and recharge it in a few days. Is that normal? I have pretty much default settings still enabled, and actually turned a few things off. Is there a “sweet spot” between charging and functionality? Or does everyone simply accept removing and recharging the battery on the doorbell as a normal weekend task?

Or, should I have an electrician come and test the voltage?

The battery icon on the top right of the app has what looks to me like a sunrise on it. This means anything?

Thanks much,


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This morning it was up 6! Maybe there’s a conditioning period or the excessive use of the family “playing with the new toy” are the culprit. It would be nice if someone from Ring’s engineering dept could confirm this is possible since there’s no support number or ticketing system I can find.



Hi @Jscooper. There are certain factors that can cause the battery to drain, even if it is hardwired. It could be caused by cold weather, excessive Live Views, and excessive motions activating the Doorbell. This Help Center article here has further information regarding your concern.

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