Battery charging after two years

Hello all.

My doorbell is hard wired. We have had it for at least two years.

But now it wants me to charge the battery for the first time since installing it.

Is this normal?
Or is the battery going bad.

Hi, the batteries do have a life span that is dependent on a number of factors. But based on the number on motions you get and local temps etc. you may need to charge your battery even though it’s wired for a trickle charge. The trickle charge may possibly be failing. Have you had an increase in motion triggers?

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No not that I’m aware of.
Nothing has changed the whole time it’s been installed.

What’s the normal life span of the battery.
It’s a ring doorbell 2

Same issue with a Doorbell 2…it is hard wired and just recently is asking to charge the battery and after charging the battery, now it only indicates that it is powered by the battery . i checked the AC adapter with a multimeter and is working fine. any ideas?