Battery charge lights

My batteries are charging to 100% but both lights (red and green) remain on. Previously as I recall it when charging it was red and when charged just green. Anyone have any ideas please? Also I think the USB connection into the battery(s) is (are)a little tenuous, the lights red and green both flicker when connecting. I’m wondering if the USB is worn.

Just an update on this, I connected another USB C lead from another device and the battery charged up the red light went out leaving the green only on so I suspect there is an issue with the flexible charge lead. I looked at ‘accessories’ intending to order another - it’s only available in a pack of accessories which is not what I want and in any case that pack of spares is out of stock.

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Hi @ianjayne. The red and green LED lights will be on when the battery is charging. Once it is fully charged, only the green LED light will be on. It does sound like your existing USB cable may be worn so it is not properly charging the batteries. You can utilize any micro USB cable with a standard power outlet to charge the batteries.