Battery Changeover

Good Morning-When the batteries get low in the spotlight cam and need to be recharged, what happens with monitoring? Are we supposed to have two (2) spares on hand to swap them out? Noting mentioned in the product description that two (2) batteries are needed. Would have been a welcome suggestion.

Two batteries aren’t required for proper operation of the camera. Adding a second battery just gives you additional battery life. When one battery is depleted, the camera automatically switches to the other battery. When that happens on my cams I pull the depleted battery and recharge it. That way my cameras never go offline.

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Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, the app information just keeps showing the one (1) battery and doesn’t state that it’s changing over–and my camera went offline for the evening, so maybe it’s not working properly. Anyways, just reinstalled the newly charged battery, and it came back online.

If batteries aren’t being recognized in one of the slots then you should probably contact support. It’s possible that the pins inside can get bent and won’t make contact with the battery. It’s also possible that the battery pack itself is faulty, but you can test that by putting it in the slot that you know works correctly.

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